Commerical Laundry & Linen Solutions

Many organizations strive to be ecologically responsible, while at the same managing a cost structure which allows them to provide the service expected of them by their customers. It’s a balance we know all too well. As it was while operating our laundry mat repair and installation business that we first learned about the rigidity of the linen industry. And how often this rigidity can distract businesses from efficiently doing what they do best… satisfying their customers.

This is where comes in handy… Relying on our “Efficiently-Effective” philosophy for doing business known to us as the “Double E”, our knowledge of the laundry businesses and our network of solution providers, we tailor laundry solutions to satisfy your organization’s specific needs.

Commercial Sample Solution

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Comprhensie Linen Soltuion

Commerical Sample Solution Product1500x2000_333 test for commercial page12_20 comprehinsive

Both products are grounded in the idea that our next service order is earned by our last. This fuel for our “Double E” philosophy, is what allows us to develop lasting business relationships without the hassle of messy contracts. Surely, some relationships require a contract. However; our normal policy for developing new businesses relationships, is to consider what it’s costing the prospective client to satisfy their laundry needs; we then rely on our knowledge of the businesses to ensure our cost is comparable if not less, and the quality of our service is better than the rest.

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